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Export Readiness Assessment (ERA)

One of the main tasks and missions of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund is to help develop and empower knowledge-based companies, and we have seen this kind of support in recent years. Knowledge-based companies, due to their nature, need to go through a period of growth to enter the field of international interaction exports. During the export capability evaluation process, company information, documents review and visits are performed and a complete report on the level of export capability of companies is prepared, which can be a complete guide for defining and providing export empowerment services for knowledge-based companies. Exporters can use the services provided by the Innovation and Prosperity Fund to empower. Service: Assessing the readiness to export a stable presence in international markets is one of the requirements for internationalization and reaching a level where they can operate professionally and strongly in international processes. Assessing the company’s capability as well as firm readiness is one of the key processes related to exports, and assessing the ability of small and medium-sized firms to communicate mirror with foreign buyers is called export readiness assessment (ERA). A company’s initial requirements for being “ready to export” are considered, including managerial commitment, financial resources, technical knowledge, capacity to produce and produce products and services, global trade skills and international marketing knowledge. Also in the field of product readiness, indicators of market potential, product adaptability, cost structure, competing product, product complexity and sales rights in the target market are evaluated. Allows us to measure the readiness of the company, to recognize the shortcomings and corrective suggestions to address it.

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